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Here you can view the services that Mobydick-Tours has to offer.

In our services we guarantee quality and safety to the customer/tourist. The Mobydick crew has over 12 years of experience to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as its security, using one of the safest boats on the island.


The boat with a capacity of 60 people, has a bathroom, bar and outdoor and indoor places.


Be sure to visit us and guarantee your reservation in one of our services to be able to dazzle with the Azores.


09h00 a.m. to 01h00 p.m.

02h00 p.m. to 06h00 p.m.


Birthday Parties

What You Should Bring...

The weather conditions in the Azores can be variable.

So, please pack for 3 types of weather:


  • Warm and Sunny

  • Cooler Temperature in the Evening

  • Rain


We suggest you wear/bring:


  • Layered clothing,  like a T-shirt, pullover and a rain-jacket

  • Flat-soled shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • A hat

  • A snack and drink

  • A camera 


Seasickness can take the fun out of the best whale-watching tour. So, if you get seasick easily, remember to take motion sickness medicine before you board the boat.


Private Charters


Tours can also be customized to suit your group’s needs.

Please contact us for further information

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