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‘Moby Dick’ is an 18-metre wooden boat that can carry up to 60 passengers.

It is the largest and most comfortable whale-watching boat operating on São Miguel Island.

We travel at a leisurely speed of between 9 and 12 knots and thus do not endanger the sea fauna..

The ship’s size enables you to move around freely and choose whether you want to...
  • Stay inside, 100% dry and out of the sun.


  • Sit comfortably on one of the benches either at the front or the back of the boat, wherever there is just enough sun, wind and ocean-spray for you.


  • Sit on the open viewing platform at the top for even more photographic opportunities. From up there you can enjoy an unrestricted 360° view of the breath-taking wildlife and scenery. 

20170915 - IMG_2341.jpg
Moby Dick:


  • Offers you dry storage for your camera and belongings;


  • Provides you with bottled water and snacks;


  • Has 2 bathrooms on board;


  • Is the only whale-watching boat certified to operate more than 6 miles off shore;


  • Is the only commercial whale-watching boat;


  • Is certified and regularly inspected by the IPTM (Instituto Portuário e dos Transportes Marítimos);


  • Is the only owner-operated whale-watching boat on São Miguel.

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