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We all do our best to protect the environment and its wonders for future generations.

‘Moby Dick-Tours’ complies with the Azorean Whale-Watching code of ethics.

José F. Costa 

Owner and Captain of ‘Moby Dick’

I am the owner of ‘Moby Dick’ as well as the boat’s experienced and licensed captain. It is an absolute joy for me to show my guests the majestic and gentle giants of the sea, the playful dolphins and the spectacular beauty of São Miguel’s coastline.

Passenger comfort and safety as well as minimum intrusion on the animals we observe are my company’s priorities. And, of course, I want to give my guests the best possible experience out on the Atlantic.


 Our Whale Spotter

Sidónio has worked as a whale spotter for about 35 years. So, if there are any whales or dolphins around, you can be sure he will get us there.

Verónica, Dora and Leonardo

Reservations and Tickets

You can find us at ‘Portas do Mar’ (see map) opposite the ‘Baía dos Anjos’ restaurant every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We will gladly answer your questions and make your reservation.

We love to see our guests come back from a tour on ‘Moby Dick’ with a smile on their faces.

José jun., Dino Costa, José Manuel

Crew On Board ‘Moby Dick’

We want to make you feel comfortable on board and make your trip an unforgettable adventure!

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